Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pathologist says David Kelly's death 'textbook suicide'

"The death of Iraq weapons expert David Kelly was a "textbook case" of suicide according to the pathologist who performed the post-mortem examination." BBC NEWS

 I didn't realise that it was 'text book' to wipe your fingerprints off the items you are using during the suicide and to clean up your blood after you have bled to death.  If that's a 'text book' suicide then clearly that text book is flawed and an expert, a supposed pathologist, should learn the difference between a suicide and a murder.

This Home Office Pathologist would claim its a 'text book' suicide when he works for the very people who are involved in making the medical records secret for 70 years.  If there is nothing to hide why place his medical records under a 70 year gagging order?  Clearly if the Government have nothing to hide then these records must be opened up to the public.  Not only will this show us what happened but it may change Medical Science if this Home Office Pathologist is correct.

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  1. I am also sceptical and deeply concerned that Kelly was not given a Coroner's Inquest like any other Briton. I have illustrated the blood stain that allegedly accounts for Kelly's death at: David Kelly: New Evidence.