Monday, August 23, 2010

South Arfican Hospital staff continue their strikes

"A South African court has ruled that workers employed in essential services are not permitted to take part in an ongoing civil servants' strike. The decision on Saturday came after nurses and other health workers joined the industrial action over pay in the cities of Johannesburg and Durban . Hospital managers had attributed several deaths at clinics to the strike and local media reported a man with a severed hand being refused treatment at public hospitals because there was no one who could care for him." - Al Jazeera News

South Africa army keeps hospitals open during strike

"South Africa's security forces have deployed outside hospitals as unions defy a court order to keep essential services open during their strike.  Police have fired rubber bullets at striking health workers, injuring several protesters in Durban.The army has sent medical teams to 37 hospitals around the country to keep emergency health services open.  Some one million civil servants began their strike on Wednesday, in a dispute over pay.  The government on Saturday obtained an injunction against the strike, which the unions immediately condemned." - BBC News


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